Automation Assessment

beyondbots is a team of practitioners with longtime industry experience in process optimization who automates business processes faster and more effectively with no/low code technology. 

Our methodology guides you fast and comprehensive to an evaluation of your use cases, solves specific problems e.g. for scaling automation or identifies potentials in your company holistically.

How can the assessment support me?

The methodology can be applied during the whole Automation Journey:

  1. At the beginning of projects e.g., by identifying effective initial use cases,
  2. at a phase of scaling to solve specific problems,
  3. or to further optimize business and/or IT operations.

Depending on scenario, the methodology can be used bottom-up for single use cases or top-down for specific functional areas or for the whole company.

How does it work?

We analyze your scenario for the domains people, culture, process and technology in 4 steps.

Your time and effort will be always reduced to a minimum by using our proved toolbox.

Every assessment creates clear results: You receive a clear result documentation and an action plan to directly start the implementation.

Intro & get each other known:

/ Opportunities of business automation, evaluation methodology and approach

/ Identification of suitable use cases or discussion of other challenges

/ NDA agreement

1. Step


/ Online questionnaire with focus on the company automation maturity

2. Step

Assessment with Process and Automation Experts:

/ Analysis of use cases with (no-)go potential evaluation 

/ Analysis of specific challenges or of company maturity

3. Step

Result Discussion:

/ Report with use cases and company maturity evaluation

/ Description of use case(s) with automation canvas

/ Action plan and next steps

4. Step

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