OMR Masterclass: How to boost your Business with Automation and AI (fast)

Everyone is talking about automation and artificial intelligence in marketing. But let’s be honest: nobody really knows how to unleash these superpowers. The majority of companies struggle with (intelligent) automation, and so most marketing processes, despite the use of many tools, are repetitive and manual without really tapping into the potential of data. In this masterclass from Workato and beyondbots, Automation Professor and Thought Leader Andreas Fuchs shows you how to scale automation, use AI and other smart technologies to catapult your marketing (and your entire business) to the next level in no time. In the 90 minutes, you can expect:

  • How to integrate and automate your existing system landscape in no time and without programming skills using smart low-code technologies.
  • How to take (marketing) processes to the next level simply and smartly with artificial intelligence (ChatGTP & Co).
  • How to not only use the potential of customer data but also excite your customers, colleagues, and bosses.
  • Exciting and practical use cases for successful automation in marketing and beyond to inspire you and give you new ideas.
Video is in German language.