Citizen developer automation platform

Just another marketing buzz?

No Code / Low Code (NCLC) is just another marketing buzzword for usability and user experience of software products. 

And even worse, often the features are very limited, so that only simple use cases can be realized. This statement was valid for many years talking about traditional software products.
Great and real NCLC products enable users to create own business logic and/or offer the capability to flexibly adapt it to the individual user scenario – otherwise it is just good usability.

In the automation field, NCLC capabilities turn to be the new mandatory industry standard, even though there are huge differences in their characteristics and maturity. Gartner forecasts for this year 30.2% sales growth for low code automation platforms which are bridging the gap between business and IT with a citizen developer approach. These platforms offer finally the opportunity to rethink how both functions collaborate. This does not necessarily mean that user departments develop automations fully autonomously, but it provides a common visual and thus easy to understand representation of business logic. This common language can boost effective project collaboration and further incorporate business and IT.

It is time to reduce silos and stop endless communication ping-pong via ticketing tools. 

It is time for (automation) business technologists. 

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