Lilli by McKinsey: A Paradigm of Generative AI as the Central Intelligence for Every Business

McKinsey recently introduced “Lilli,” a striking example of how generative AI can be used as a central source of information. Lilli is designed to consolidate the company’s extensive knowledge and decades of experience. It allows for rapid and efficient access to relevant information from the company’s vast data pool and provides innovative solutions and insights for customer challenges. Simply put: every McKinsey employee now has access to the sum of all of McKinsey’s knowledge and experience. Essentially, a super-consultant has been created.

In today’s fast-paced business world, access to valuable information is crucial. The introduction of Lilli underscores the immense potential of generative AI technologies to revolutionize productivity and efficiency in businesses of all sizes and sectors.

What can generative AI do for your business?

Imagine having a central AI solution, much like Lilli, that serves as a hub for aggregating and synthesizing your company’s entire knowledge and experience. Such a system could not only retrieve information in seconds but also establish complex connections and suggest innovative solutions to business challenges.

More than just data retrieval

A centralized generative AI system, inspired by Lilli’s capabilities, can help to think outside the box. Instead of common, often-repeated solutions, such an AI might offer unexpected but relevant comparisons or solutions based on the extensive stored information.

The technology behind the vision

Implementing such generative AI requires more than just advanced algorithms. For success, it’s essential to involve interdisciplinary teams that consider legal, security, and operational aspects. With the right implementation and integration, such a system can become an invaluable asset for any business.

Prepared for the future

In today’s era of digitization and competition for information access, employing generative AI will soon be a distinguishing feature. Companies willing to invest in such technological solutions and use them effectively are likely to gain a significant competitive advantage.


For businesses wanting to stay competitive in an ever more complex and information-driven world, investing in a generative AI platform as a central source of knowledge can be invaluable. It’s not just about the advantage in the present but also an investment in the future.

Author: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuchs

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